News from 09.03.2022I Only Get Migraines When It Rains

Dotti is a light-hearted, curly-haired, freckled, human with a brain full of butterflies. She ran away from the circus in pursuit of a glamorous life in show business and to be and professional kazoo player. “I only get migraines when it rains” takes you on Dotti’s journey around Europe, and how she essentially fucked her way throughout most of it. What may begin as a children’s show turns into this little clowns personal journey and how she dealt with love, online dating, and bureaucracy in a strange foreign land. The piece includes stories, songs, kazoos, and of course an interpretive dance.

A great way to celebrate love friendship and tinder hookup on this Valentine’s day. ‚ô•

Tickets 8 euros
Students 5 euros
Leipzig Pass 5 euros

Doors 8.00 pm/show starts 8.30pm SHARP