News from 09.03.2022Jackie’s Summer-Love Love-Party

Darling Poofies,
We do it one more time, before flying around as the Music-Beings-Of-Love we are… touring, playing in Berlin and in other cities all over beautiful Germany…and in secret open airs and… All Poofy-Poofy-Love-Love-Love-Fuck-Fuck-Fuck!!!
So, like our wonderful show in May, come early for the music, and for some sweet, funny, playful togetherness in the salon, as we truly warm up for a crazy-crazy-lecker-lecker-freaky-freaky night!!! We shall get time to talk,chill, jump, dance, flyyy… peacefully beautifully crazily…

20:00-21:30 *** Upstairs Salon & Bar open to offer you dance music & hot sweet vibes…
21:30-22:15 *** Plavky!!! I invited this crazy-cool new band to play before my performance and I’m so happy to have their magic & Love with us!!! (there will be some fun surprises for you about this…)
23:00-24:00 *** Jackie Boom-Boom in a new & beautiful performance!!!
24:00-02:30 *** Casus Bella honors us with hot beats to keep us dancin’…

Kindly share & bring your friends, lovers, omas, grannies, aunties, poofies…
All my Love,

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