News from 09.03.2022Ran Nir + Tomer Lavie

Tomer Lavie (27), Born in Tel Aviv, is a multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter & producer who currently lives in Berlin.

At the age of 15, his older brother, the musician Oren Lavie, convinced their parents to put the family’s piano into Tomer’s bedroom, pushing Tomer into songwriting. This piano would end up accompanying Tomer to every flat he moved to as he began recording his music in different flats and studios around Tel-Aviv. While working on his 1st record “Losing The Back Room”, Tomer switched to the electric guitar (as carrying around his piano was very heavy) and began performing more around the city, creating a name for himself in the Israeli Indie-Folk music scene.

In 2016 and at the same time “Losing The Back Room” was ready to be released, Tomer dove into the world of Philosophy and began studying at Tel-Aviv University. He began writing new music from a wiser and more evolved perspective. This music would end up as Tomer’s upcoming 2nd album “Moonlight & Heart Murmurs.”

The music and the lyrics on the new album serve as a dialog between the inner thoughts & murmurs of Tomer’s heart with the white, canvas-like, moon becoming the sheet upon which these songs were written. In 2018 Tomer moved to Berlin to continue his Philosophy studies at the

Frei-Universitat and to create his musical ideas in the city where Hegel & Nietzsche created theirs. The album is set to release in 2019.

Ran Nir is mostly known as a founding member of the band “Asaf Avidan & The Mojos” and as the singer-songwriter and frontman of the band “LFNT”. After a fruitful career with the two bands, Ran Nir is now releasing his 1st solo album.

Obsessed by the never-ending noise of thoughts in his head and the pursuit of the unreachable, unobtainable and most likely nonexistent concept of absolute truth, Ran attempts to find a meaning and a cure for life with his music. ‘Obsession’ is Ran Nir’s debut album Co-produced with Erez Frank.