News from 09.03.2022Shameless Comedy In English Showcase // End of the Year Special!

Bringing you the Berlin Experience with an NYC twist. We know what you need. Mark your calendar.


Purdy Holsom is a comedy musician from the American South. With material ranging from bawdy to observational, and genres spanning hip-hop to bluegrass, she brings variety to every set. Holsom is a four-time finalist in the International Songwriting Competition, with two albums under her belt and a third on the way. One fan described her as “Peaches meets Garfunkel & Oates, having a sleepover with John Waters.” She once lived in a van named Dolores.

Wynton Kelly Stevenson came to Berlin in 2007 to care for his father Rudy, who had been a highly respected regular in the Berlin Jazz scene since the early 1980s. Influenced by his father’s passion, Wynton developed his own signature style playing gigs at nightclubs, bars and on the streets of Berlin. He has performed for Zitty, MTV, ExBerliner, with Savion Glover and at the JVZ Jazz Festival, to name a selection of recent gigs. His new project with his bandmate Batsauce “Ducktape” features Wynton’s familiar harmonica talents as well as vocals and synthesizers.

Liliana Velasquez – Founder and principal member of the Freudian Slip Club, Liliana has taken on many roles throughout her career as a performer as well as acted as a model, actress and Tango teacher in both Berlin and New York. Liliana Velasquez grew up bi-culturally in the Americas, with a passion for movement and performance. After beginning her studies in dance at a young age, she studied jazz, folk, modern and tango throughout her childhood and as a young adult. After moving to New York City to study fashion design and theater, she was employed as a choreographer at the Queens Museum and produced monthly shows at the Kraine Theater, Dixon Place Theater and the Producers Club. Since arriving in Berlin in 2014, Liliana has written and created the magical life of Tango Vaudeville Berlin and Sunday Slips. Her autobiographic solo show “Suitcase Stability” portrays her many adventures and transformations and received positive reviews.

Pina Brutal Borbala – Borbala Szente aka Pina Brutal is a Berlin based performer and filmmaker. She was born in Hungary, the country where nobody should be born. Her disastrous and
unfortunate life choices led her to train contemporary dance. After a few wasted years in the field she understood that there are better places to be poor and unknown, so she moved to Berlin, where she got totally perverted. She didn’t even realize what was happening, till one day, she found herself hanging from the ceiling , held on hooks pierced through her skin. After that there was no return, Borbala transformed herself doing extreme body , and performance art, spending plenty of time naked and bleeding in public spaces. As if that wasn’t enough of a shitty and dead end career choice, she later decided to create erotic movies. Since these films are about the female body and sexuality , very few people are interested in them. Outside of a circle of total weirdos. An unrecognized heroin of the Berlin underground, she keeps on fighting for the survival of her weird tattooed body and her selfskilled filmmaking. Borbalas pseudonym, Pina, means c*nt in hungarian. For more of her work, please go:

Karl Floitgraf – Karl Floitgraf is a former professional skateboard racer who decided he wanted to get his adrenaline rush on stage instead of travelling down a hill at 80 km/h on a skateboard. He only had to break 4 bones, two teeth and tell 16 distinctly terrible jokes to figure that out. Originally from Boston Massachusetts, Karl grew up with a german father and american mother and struggled to find out where he belonged until in 2013 he was given a job offer in Berlin. The company wanted Karl to teach American customer service styles to its’ new German employees. Thrown into such a position, comedy was bound to follow. Now in his thirties Karl has been performing stand up comedy in English and German for three years. He is a producer and host of the successful Chuckleheads English Comedy show in Berlin and has performed in Germany, the USA, Switzerland and the UK. Karl lives in Berlin with his fiance and dog, he works for a Leipzig based start up.

*****************LOCAL SPOTS*****************************

Josh Zed, is a Canadian from Canada where Canadians come from. He came to Germany for the beer and then got lost trying to find his way back to the airport, 4 years ago. He says sorry and eh a lot and likes telling stories.

Shawn Segundo hails originally from the city of Chicago and was recently named one of Leipzig’s most interesting people (self-proclaimed). He enjoys telling stories about longboard fails, yet continues to ride one as he ponders about which funny real life experiences he can next bring to the stage.

J Alejandro Estrella. When not recruiting for the Dark Side, Alejandro is a masters student here in Leipzig. He talks about his many philosophical musings and is learning to appreciate how totally ridiculous life can be. He spends a lot of time thinking about how to be spontaneous and accepts free hugs.

Tickets 8 euros

Doors 7.30pm / show starts 8pm SHARP