News from 09.03.2022Shameless Comedy Showcase

It’s on now, Leipzig! Bringing you the a Berlin Experience with a NYC twist – this over privileged expat will entertain you!

***************Doors 8.00pm / show starts 8.30pm SHARP*************

Santiago Angell started doing comedy in the jungle, where his parents left him to be eaten by wild cats. They didn’t anticipate, however, that he would seduce those jungle cats and become their king.

“All hail Lord Santiago”, they chanted, “He is good at comedy, meow, meow, meow, all hail!”

Reece Mclaughlin
About Reece. Abort Reece.
Reece McLaughlin was a Danish sculptor born in 1603 to Greek parents. He died in 1609.
Reece was re animated several years later on the space station galactoseintolerant, fusing microchip sawdust with electro magnetic custard particles. Dr Phil re-synthesized his brain and organs into a tasty snack, which was inserted into the left armpit of a surrogate elbow. It sounded like a gentrified harp on a lonely hill, but only when plucked on a Sunday morning? This bio is overly wordy and nonsensical. Out of the madness a little nugget of philosophical entities splattered into life. After this he ended up in Germany working for the Bavarian Illuminati as a missionary and transferred to Berlin as soon as his message had been communicated in the form of a sonic boom. His brainwaves became detached from reality at this point and developed into a different entity. This was then fried like a piece halloumi until the texture was agreeable but slightly dysfunctional. This mess was stored in a cool dark place for 24 hours and hardened into an egg, this hatched into a comic genus that was Reece McLaughlin and comedy was unborn. Reece is now a transmission of absurdity that was originally summoned from the ancient hordes of tangents, on a meandering Dog summoning ritual. Reece’s celestial rays can be heard all over Berlin if you are tuned into the wrong frequency.

Henning Wechsler

Henning Wechsler is a Saxonian native and likes Leipzig more than Berlin. This will be the very last chance to watch him doing standup in Leipzig because he’s moving away and too ashamed to tell anyone where to.
Henning has been a fan of English Standup since the 90ies but took 20 years of preparation to try it out for himself. Only last year he set his foot on stage for the first time. Henning Wechsler talks about Berlin, Leipzig and German behaviour in general. It’s an outsider’s point of view, so he thinks. Him being German that quickly catches up with him. Henning Wechsler plays with expectations about stereotypes the audience never expected to have. Written out that sounds seriously German. Live and on stage it’s enough sillyness to make even Germans laugh.

Wynton Kelly Stevenson came to Berlin in 2007 to care for his father Rudy, who had been a highly respected regular in the Berlin Jazz scene since the early 1980s. Influenced by his father’s passion, Wynton developed his own signature style playing gigs at nightclubs, bars and on the streets of Berlin. He has performed for Zitty, MTV, ExBerliner, with Savion Glover and at the JVZ Jazz Festival, to name a selection of recent gigs. His new project with his bandmate Batsauce “Ducktape” features Wynton’s familiar harmonica talents as well as vocals and synthesisers.


Liliana Velasquez M. – Founder and principal member of the Freudian Slip Club, Liliana has taken on many roles throughout her career as a performer as well as acted as a model, actress and Tango teacher in both Berlin and New York. Liliana Velasquez grew up bi-culturally in the Americas, with a passion for movement and performance. After beginning her studies in dance at a young age, she studied jazz, folk, modern and tango throughout her childhood and as a young adult. After moving to New York City to study fashion design and theater, she was employed as a choreographer at the Queens Museum and produced monthly shows at the Kraine Theater, Dixon Place Theater and the Producers Club. Since arriving in Berlin in 2014, Liliana has written and created the magical life of Tango Vaudeville Berlin and Sunday Slips. Her autobiographic solo show “Suitcase Stability” portrays her many adventures and transformations and received positive reviews.

Tickets 8 euros
Students 5 euros
Leipzig Pass 5 euros

Doors 8.00 pm / show starts 8.30pm SHARP