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Artistic expression with a glamorous twist. Gurl, drag your ass out the house! Mark your calendar. Line up coming soon.

♥ ♥ ♥ Jacqueline Boom-Boom ♥ ♥ ♥
Jacqueline Boom-Boom is the Creature also known as Janjan Darling. A Beloved Leipzig Being who, with the same Love & Passion & Fire Loves Its Beloved Leipzig! Jackie’s music and performance are filled with madness and last-moment-infused Creativity that needs no definition; just to be lived and experienced! You may listen to Jackie’s fiery musical collaborations with Per, Birdie, Dirk, and Mr. Instead on
Kulthum Performance July 2015

Mazy Mazeltov

Gillian Skye


The Wynstrument

Hosted by: Natasha Paul BikiniOff
Natasha P. BikiniOff Nights

***************Doors 8.00pm / show starts 8.30pm SHARP*************

Tickets 8 euros
Students 5 euros
Leipzig Pass 5 euros

Doors 8.00 pm / show starts 8.30pm SHARP

secretly maeshelle’s unofficial birthday celebration